Pricing for a Foot Care Treatment - An Open Book Webinar

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We are in unprecedented times! COVID-19 have increased our expenses and decreased our ability to see clients. The cost of a foot care treatment must go up but how do we navigate this change?
  • a step by step tutorial on how to calculate and evaluate what your new pricing should be for your business.
  • see how Happy Feet Medical Foot Care has formulated their plan to ensure success during COVID-19 and the years moving forward.
  • feel confident that you will have the tools needed to calculate where you stand as a business moving forward.
  • Each participant will leave with a spreadsheet designed for our industry, which can be modified to fit your business!

Whether you are a veteran foot care nurse needing to formulate a new price or a new foot care nurse starting out, this workshop is designed for foot care nurses to answer the burning questions of, “WHAT SHOULD I CHARGE FOR A FOOT CARE TREATMENT?”

Cost: $50