Onychomycosis || Fungal Nails Webinar

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Educational Goals
Becoming familiar and comfortable with: 


  • Identifying and understanding the different presentations of onychomycosis (not diagnosing)
  • Using a rotary tool, choosing burrs
  • Treatment of thickened, traumatic nails
  • Over the counter treatment options
  • Care Plan development for clients to implement at home
  • Referring out of scope practice to supporting healthcare professionals

Cost: $50, reduced during COVID-19 pandemic

May 27, 2020  01:00pm  EDT 

June 17,2020  10:00am  EDT 

June 13, 2020  01:00pm  EDT  

(June 13 will be offered to those who wish to take both the

Ingrown toenail and the Onychomycosis webinars)